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the job at newman? is it about nick? >> phyllis: you lost your touch, detective. nick has no interest in anything to do with newman. >> ronan: really? hadn't heard that. >> phyllis: he's moving on with his life in--in every way, and i am really glad for him. good for nick. >> ronan: so your interest in jack and adam--that's just purely professional, then? >> phyllis: mostly. i loathe adam, mostly because, um, well, he's adam. >> jack: welcome aboard, adam. >> adam: thank you, captain. incoming. >> nick: should have known you two were gonna hook up before the ink was dry on the contract. >> jack: nicholas. can i buy you a drink? >> nick: so let me see if i'm getting this straight-- you sold him your newman shares in exchange for a top-level gig. is that the way this went down? >> adam: nice to know you're still interested in the family business, especially when you refused to fight for it. >> nick: you're the one who sold out dad. >> adam: shocking, considering how he treated me. >> nick: you deserved everything you got. >> adam: that's right, nicholas. you deserve the benefits and adv
of november is upon us. december is creeping toward us and nick's mustache is creeping us out. >> all of america is freaking out. >> that is false. there are support comments on facebook. >> there are also some comments that are not so supportive and in fact i have some of them right here. one said shave that thing right this minute. >> well done. renee brown says can you please tell nick he needs to go back to his baby face. do you remember the baby face days, guy? >> i don't know if it was quite a baby face. there are supportive comments on there. i can't find any right now. >> am i the only one here that liked it? >> amber from our facebook page says i can't take nick serious right now with that mustache. lmo. rita says that you are too adorable, nick, to have a mustache. >> mary ann parker says you're an honorable man but this look is not becoming. >> in fact, nick, we've been getting phone calls from our viewers. i want to play one of them for you. this is from steve. he lives in san francisco. >> i saw him before as a sexy tony danza. >> compliment. >> now that he has that musta
>> nick watt tonight on the song and what could be sweet justice for the beatles. why that music could now make a mint. >>> to this day, it is hard to imagine anyone rejecting the beatles. but it did happen, and tonight, the music from that audition is back. and about to make a lot of money. here's abc's nick watt. ♪ i ♪ i saw a girl in my dreams >> reporter: 1962, before wingo joined the band, the silver beatles recorded a demo. ♪ searching ♪ yeah searching ♪ search >> reporter: no thanks, said decker's a and r man. you've got no future, he famously decreed. >> certainly a misfire. but not like this was just an absolute blind spot for him. i think these recordings are very uneven. ♪ i want to hold your hand >> reporter: two years later, "i want to hold your hand" was number one and the beatles landed at jfk to beatle mania. their rejected demo goes under the hammer in london next week, a monument to missed opportunity. these things happen..k. rowling publishers. the man who rejected the beatles did okay in the end. he signed the rolling stones and the fab four bounced back, st
: and nick allioti, the d-coordinator said, forget playing coverage. watch the pressure. right? watch everybody coming to him. and now what? they covered everyone else. and even the nose tackle, taylor hart, drops into zone coverage, and i think that fooled them a little bit. normally he would rush. he drops and took awaif the middle zone. alonso, really nice job shadowing woods. look at the coverage there. agholor can't get open. well done by the oregon defense. >> gus: oregon now at the sc 20 yard line. and the ducks will not be in a hurry. lamar dawson with the tackle. let's take a look at the road ahead, chasing the bcs title game. >> charles: if you're alabama and if you handle lsu and the last we saw they were up 14-3, texas a&m's next for them. >> gus: we'll come back to that in just a moment. oregon messing up our broadcast, get to the line of scrimmage so quickly. >> charles: and do you know something, if chip kelly knew it had happened, he would love it, wouldn't he? >> gus: yes, he would. >> charles: faster, faster. >> gus: barner. first down. fifth of the day. but a flag o
a revealing new book is shedding fresh light on his private struggles, so here's abc's nick watt. thriller >> there hasn't been anyone that famous in a single moment as he was during "thriller" time. i think that was probably the peak of celebrity for a human being. >> reporter: randall sullivan, the highly acclaimed journalist, spent three years getting behind the mask of the most celebrated entertainer our world has ever known. it's a tale of family, fame, lost childhood and startling accusations that you won't have heard before. the portrait of a prescription drug addict who could spend $250,000 on a shopping spree without thinking. >> the shopping, like the drugs, were -- was a painkiller for him. >> reporter: apparently michael jackson would call business partners and ask them to bring around bags of cash. >> in one case that's a phone call asking for 7.5 million. for some reason it was like a french fry bag, and he gave it to michael, so that became an in joke of, i want you to supersize this order. he wanted money to put in his pocket. to him that was real money. >> reporter: that's
] and then and [indiscernible] >> my name is nick. i can to san francisco about four years ago; i began interning at -- setting a sociology. i was introduced to the homeless population. it help me learn a lot. i did a big project in the demographics. i was introduced to the clear population, the tran population and homeless population in castro and tender loma. i got a good overview of the institutions involved. i was an average worker. most of the majority work was in castro; also work with organizations throughout the city that work with homeless population. simultaneously began to intern at a san francisco attorney's office they can services unit; i learn about criminal system and the legal system in general. i learn about the resources and the city, domestic violence, mental health. homeless individuals are victimized a lot. currently i am a shelter advocate; i'm getting to know about housing, organizing, my strongest point about working there in my mind is that work inside the shelters; i work with the management of every city funded shelter. i have a working relationship with them already. it w
supervisors. thank you for your service. and the director of economic development of the lgbt center and nick is on my team. he did incredible work in visitation valley. he was able to engage the neighborhood businesses in a way and at levels not seen before. i also was impressed that he created an opportunity for lgbt networking. he's a strong ally of the community before he stepped into his role at the lgbt center. we serve low-income communities, and very low-income communities at the center and in terms of income unfortunately most people working in nonprofits fall into the low-income bracket. we work with about 1000 people per year, 70-80% are low income. developing self-sufficiency. and starting micro-enterprises. part of nick's role is supporting folks in the process. we are able to support them in developing all of the opportunities for economic health. and with that i will conclude. i think you will find that he is a great service to this community. >> supervisor kim: is there any other public comment on this item? >> good afternoon board members. peter cohen. i have bee
pirates, and they are especially aggressive in fremont. nick smith is live at the police station where one woman was caught on tape. nick? >> reporter: absolutely, carolyn, good evening. you know, the holidays can mean on-line shopping and pack kennels left at your door. but police say it is also an opportunity for thieves to make off with your goods. do you know this woman? they are asking to help identify the thief who stole a package in broad daylight. trevor is the homeowner and the man who caught the whole thing on tape. >> watching the video i can tell she had a lot of practice. she is good at looking nonshaw lont and walking up to the porch and taking it like she belonged there. >> an alert was sent to the smart phone, but then there was a second alert. >> it showed somebody coming up to the porch and picking it up and making off with it. >> she also made off with the bag of groceries collected as part of a holiday food donation. they say she is 5 foot 4 and between 25 and 30 years old and about 180 pounds. all movement around trevor's door activates this camera and it even recorded
for the goose may be good for the gander. abc's nick watt met up with some cougars for whom age is no barrier. >> i'm confident. i'm sexy. i'm loving. i never have a headache. >> reporter: and there she is. patty, 76 years old. >> you go for younger men. >> yes, i do. >> reporter: how young have you gone? >> actually 18. >> reporter: kid's not old enough to drink. >> so? who says you need liquor to help you out? i hope you don't. >> reporter: patty is a cougar and octavio, age 28, is a cub. what's the oldest you've ever date? >> she's now 69. for me, this is who i am. i like older women. >> reporter: all your life? >> all my life. >> reporter: he's now dating stephanie. she's 65. yep, that's a 37-year age gap. >> that's not normal, i don't think. a 28-year-old going for a 65-year-old woman when there are women like us who are beautiful and they go for a 65-year-old woman. i don't get it. >> reporter: cougar/cub relationships are increasingly common. there are cougar conventions, cougar dating sites. a growing niche. did ashton and demi start the trend? the fantasy goes back to mrs. robinson.
is nick foals, and why are the redskins on high alert? what if i told you maryland suffered another devastating injury. would >>> only in washington, d.c. do the 3-6 football team and the word playoffs get used in the same sentence. yes, the skins have a lot of division games left but as derek mcginty would say, let's get real. the redskins don't look anything like a playoff team and here come the eagles starting a rookie quarterback nick foles. rookies have feasted on washington lately. cam newton, sam bradford burned burgundy and gold so mike shanahan and jim haslett were asked today about what they knew about sir nick. >> just really don't know for sure. we were lucky enough to have him for a we can at the senior bowl. he's a great kid, a lot of ability. >> a lot of young guys playing in the league, a lot of young quarterbacks. we got one. he's just another one. that's like six rookies starting in the league this week. he's a good football player. >> wow, six rookies starting in the league. proof once again that we go anywhere for good football. our game of the week poll winner i
hopkins bayview....where the nick hamel has now turned the -ptra positive. janiie? janice?nick hamel is now 22...and what many would describe as a horrific accident...really has changed his ife for the better.he now comes back here taal tt severe burn victims to show them that remarkable recoverres are possible. holloweee when nick hamells life ttok a turnnfor theeworse.his body, burned ove60 percent hen a friend threw nitrious oxide onto a fire.but two years later...hamel now speaks to pther burn urviviors at johns hopkins bayview....o shhre reccvery.instead offwhattthe doccors said would be 9 months...he left the hoopital afttr 42 days: "ii you pu yourself to the limits, or as far plus a little more anyone can be a surivivor you just need the will aad mindset to do itt lookkng into working fire protection help prevent burn at johns hopkins bayview tonight, jp fox45 news late edition. 3 ...seems each new day reveals new ddmage frrm super storm san. sandy....ook a that pile of boats.this is on long beach popular summer vacation s
has a pony tail. that's incredible. >> i wonder if they would be able to make a sound for nick's moustache. what would that sound like. ♪ >> it's the "right this minute" ipad giveaway and we have another winner. >> we're talking about jean peterson from alabaster, alabama. jean watched the show on wbrc tv. >> jean says she's going to have to share this with her husband and sick grand kid. >> you know what else she said? she said this is awesome. >> it is. i think we should give away another one. we'll be giving away friday's buzzword in a minute and tell you how to enter. >> friday's buzzword coming up later. you have to be 18 or older for your chance to win an ipad 3. >> stand by for friday's buzzword and good luck, everybody. >>> security cameras caught the moment a car flew out of a fifth story parking garage onto the street >> wow. are you kidding? it didn't drop, itreally did fly out --l like the car was going at full speed through the parking lot and all of a sudden went through the wall down onto the street. >> that guy was feet from getting crushed by the car. >> just
the alarm would go off. >> is there a huge black market for harley davidson jackets? >> like nick said, they're really expensive. if you can get one off the back of a truck without the regular price tag, there's a market for that. >> $100 instead of $500. >> santa is going to be busy at the end of december but this is obviously the time of year where he's making the rounds and making a lot of visits. at the broad street mall in england, here we see santa coming down a rope. there's a big cheering crowd there. but as he comes down the rope he has a bit of a mishap. santa gets his beard caught in the rope. now, of course he doesn't want to mess up his beard in front of all these people, right? he's 15 feet above the crowd hanging for 15 minutes before a british soldier came down and had to give santa a bit of a shave. >> so he lost a little bit of his beard in this mishap. >> so then he could continue down the rope and bring everybody all sorts of cheer. but it turns out this isn't the only time this exact same thing has happened to ole st. nick. here he is in dallas lastea at the at&t perfoin
us and nick's mustache is creeping us out. we've been getting phone calls from our viewers. this is from steve who lives in san francisco. >> i saw him before as a sexy tony danza. >> that's a compliment. mildly ridiculous. >> maybe eric estrada. now that he has that mustache he reminds me of old burt reynolds. >> we are very proud of you for sticking to this for an entire month for raising more than $1,000 along with our "right this minute" team. >> we have a surprise for you, mr. nick. >> you have to see this entire process take place. nick from hairy to not go to our website, "right this minute" and click on best of rtm. >>> free running is always fun to watch. these guys do it with a little bit of style. a little pizzazz. they arein add to the show by w l.e.d. suits as they run and jump and freestyle through bangkok. >> i like it. >> isn't that neat? >> we've seen the surfers put the l.e.d.s on their boards and skateboarders do it. why not do it like this? >> this is like a high energy christmas parade. it makes you feel like you're in the holiday spirit but you get a r
. ♪ >>> i want you guys to meet a very inspiring man. >> my name is nick -- i come from everywhere. >> i don't have a destination, i weigh about 320 pounds. >> that's nick and he's been battling with his weight for a very long time. at his heaviest he was 450 pounds. >> and he decided that he was going to overcome this challenge. and lose the weight and he joined a mixed martial arts crew in florida called the america top team and look at him shortly after. >> since i've been here at the treasure cove i've lost about 130 pounds. >> he looks very difficult from that first video of him that we saw. >> to overcome your challenge by joining a mixed martial arts group, i mean that's going way into it. >> you can see, i mean he is active. >> via skib right this minute we have nick all the way from florida, what'sor weight right now? >> i'm a little hefty at 200 pounds. >> that's great. >> did you go on a diet or did you go straight into fighting? >> i went on a serious diet for quite a while. at my largest ways 450 punds and honestly i'll get winded going into bed. i lost about 150 pounds before i
's like to suffer through a massive storm, listen to nick camaratta. >> the water was up to this part of the door. i couldn't get into the door. i went around the side of the house and i stood on a box that was floating and i went through the window to get back in the house with my family. >> reporter: taking us through his house on staten island, the retired u.p.s. truck driver said they scrambled to an upper floor, away from a floor where water would keep rising. and his wife and four sons surviv survived. just about all of their first floor didn't. then just as nick and his family were recovering from the shell shock of the storm and the flooding trying to assess all of this damage, he took another body blow. he leads us to the side yard where he set up a small engine repair business and a trailer full of tools he'd need for his new profession. >> last night they were banging on doors. anybody home? if you're not home -- if we don't get a response from you, we're going to break your door down just to see if you're okay. they were all looters. i yelled out my window on a few occasio
, director of public affairs and nick burns, political affairs and ambassador to nato. the two perfect people to answer the question. jamie, let me ask you, what kind of leverage does secretary of state hillary clinton have and what does it mean that the united states decided to have her get involved in this now when egypt was, you know, supposedly going to be the one able to broker a deal? >> well, i think they probably felt that the involvement of the united states was the only player that could talk to the israelis in a unique way. none of the other players involved, egypt, turkey, any of the europeans weren't involved. so nobody had any ability to talk directly to the israelis. and other than the egyptians. and i suspect the israelis are finding the new egypt very different than the old egypt. the old egypt did not see hamas as a brother in arms. they saw hamas as really a very different sort of arab cause. that's president mubarak. and now the president of egypt sees hamas as part of the larger muslim brotherhood movement. so israel didn't have anyone, probably, to talk to. and i suspect
back to him. in the meantime, nick valencia is live at our middle east news desk monitoring all the news that's coming in about gaza and israel and what's happening there. nick, good morning. fill us in on what's happening. >> good morning, randi. this is the hub for our international news gathering division. we're next to a very special desk that we created today to monitor all the feeds and signals that are coming in out of gaza and israel. these are two middle east experts. i want to bring in ali. you've been monitoring several feeds going on. tell us a little bit about what you're doing at the desk. >> as this conflict is unfolding at an exponential rate, we are monitoring the arab channels as well as the israeli channels in the arabic language live. at the desk, we try to digest all this flood of information to bring to the audience in the u.s., to put them in perspective of what's going on here. >> and you see it is a very fluid situation. we're dealing with correspondents in the field. this is exactly where everything is funneled to. the arab league is convening in cairo
's among the top 10 busiest independent pizza joints in the country. nick sarillo is the founder of nick's pizza & pub. you were featured in inc magazine's cover story, the nbc nightly news, you have a mantle full of awards, the head of zappo's endorses your methods. but when we think of a pizza joint, this is not a little storefront place, these are big operations. > > yes they are. 350 seats. 9,000 square foot. we have 200 team members in our company. we have 40-something people working on a busy shift in one night. > > you think of the big companies - google and apple - that they have this culture of passion and drivenness, and yet, in small businesses, it's not typically talked about much. > > that's really interesting because we hear so much about those big sexy companies that have those big sexy cultures. and my point in my book, and actually what we have done in our company is to show that we can have a great culture in our everyday business. and that is what our country is mostly made of anyhow, small businesses that we are coming across everyday. > > a plumbing shop, a carpentry
41- 31. >>> nick saban and top ranked alabama playing host to texas a&m. the aggies with a 23-17 lead. freshman quarterback johnny manziel with time to kennedy. he makes the catch. two-point conversation fails. a&m in front, 29-17. less than two minutes left. they are down by 5. andrew mccarron's pass intercepted. texas a&m in its first trip to tuscaloosa shocks unbeaten alabama 29-24. >> when we come back, we are switching gears and hopeful lit wizards are, too. time to shift into the win column. highlights from the hard wood, next. next. hey! hey, baby. [ starts car ] were you eating smoked sausage in here? no! no. could have gotten me one. i did. try the unmistakable flavor of dunkin' donuts' smoked sausage breakfast sandwich. it's deliciously irresistible. hurry in today. the smoked sausage breakfast sandwich is for a limited time. grab one today.
carney man lmost lost hiss liff at a holloweennparty.nick hamel's body was burned over 60 pprcent...inna horrific bonfireeaccident. accident.janice park ii live tell us hoo the incident as changee the ccllege student's life. janice? 22....nd whattmany woold s nnw describe as a horrific acciient...really has changed his life for the better.he now comes back here burn victims to ssow them that remaakable recooeries are possi. it's not often, thht simply can be called a miracle: miiacle:" i remembee the bann, for a fewwsecs complete blurr 2010...when he says a en in - childhood frienn threw nitrouu oxide on a bonfiie.leaving 60 percent of his bbdy, severely b: something that traumaticis something only a burn survivor can connect with"doctors said it woulddtake nick months to leeve the hossptal...but here he is...42 days ater at his pmotional welcome homm.two yeers have tt look closely to see the scars from comfort to the burn victims that nick now regularily visitt at johns hopkins bayview...the very place he spent so many uncertain niihts: limits, or as far plus a l
the service into the box to nick deleon and off of the new york offender into the net and shows him with the only goal. we'll take the gift that is 1- 0, black and red. four minutes later, on the corner and take the header in front and comes down with the ball and falls into the net. the ball crosses the line. and this game ends in a 1-1 tie. the final leg of the series is on wednesday in hairston, new jersey. coming up on the sports extra, we'll talk about the comparisons between rg3 and cam newton. >> oh. >>> and that is what everyone's talking about. >> okay. >> and that is comparing anchors and stuff. they don't want to hear that. >> and do that. >> the nerve. >> i know. >> how dare they. >>> coming up, a decision to focus on the recovery and not the race. mayor bloomberg putting the brakes on the new york city marathon. that story and the full forecast is next. is next. [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. look, t
back, nick. >> great to be with you. thank you. >> how do you see this playing out? obviously the numbers have changed dramatically since we last talked to you. where do you think we're going to see some compromise and what do you expect those ceos to tell the president? you were one of those ceos who signed that letter urging the president and congress to come to some sort of agreement. >> well, hopefully what we're going to see is all sides compromise. i think that's what the ceos at the white house are going to tell the president, that everybody has to give some in order to get some. in a sense, you have to get the right mix of spending cuts and the right mix of revenues to get to the point where you can get enough votes to pass something that will put this country on the long term path to a sustainable, strong economy like we need to create jobs. >> you were called the ultimate facilitator when you were in washington working in the first bush white house and you were incredibly successful in getting through some very tough initiatives in the second bush white house. how wo
desk is monitoring the situation in gaza and israel. this situation, nick, is changed by the minute, nick. what are we learning? >> it's taken a lot of grim turns, victor. good morning. we're at the news desk, we monitor all the feeds and latest editorial info, coming through here, monitoring the latest conflict. victor, five days of war between palestinian militants and israel has taken its toll. hundreds injured, dozens dead, and we're starting to see these personal stories, victor, emerge from the conflict. earlier you said the palestinian paramedics struggled to remove an elderly woman from debris from an ief. earlier you heard prime minister benjamin netanyahu talk about terror targets. but it's not just showing up on the gaza strip. it's occurring in israel too. we heard earlier rockets landed in ashkelon, a city near israel. in the past three days at least three people have been killed in israel. we're cooping an eye on everything that's come in. and video is pouring in. once we have more information, we'll bring it back to you. but that's it for now, victor. >> well, i want
sandy delivered. >> we've been joined by nick nelson. very nice to see you. i actually want to start by asking phillip a question. you said off camera you wouldn't tie equities with a barge boat. why not? >> that's why i differentiate between being right and wrong and making and losing money. i've never believed strongly in the growth story out there. it's not because i don't want to. if i can't see cause, i can't believe in it. prove to me and i'll buy it. and i don't think you or anyone else at this point in time can show me a reason why we'll get strong economic growth in the eurozone or uk or even in the u.s. >> your bread and butter is selling ideas surrounding equity. why is he completely wrong? >> the issues faced is clearly volatility. that's one of the problems. a but we would argue that you are having a situation where the u.s., there are pockets of strength. so what brought us first into this, all those thingses that we remember, the u.s. housing market is recovering. house prices are up 10%. three month annualized. you can get a mortgage 3.5%. lock it in for 30 years. >>
palestinian groups are ready now for a cease-fire. what are you hearing on that front, nick? >> there are efforts underway right now. good morning, viktor, whether or not it's realistic in being flagged as realistic, that's mother story. i want to show you something here. we're at the international desk. this is the hub for the news gathering information. wrerl we heard from sarah seidner who is in gaza, and she was telling us about al acksah tv. it was hit by an idf air strike. ali, play that video here. new video coming in from the idf. now, they're saying they surgically targeted a hamas communications facility in gaza, palestinian militants seeing it a little differently. they're saying the idf is deliberately targeting journalists. as cmn reported earlier, there were some journalists injured in this attack, ms air strike, so just appreciate video coming in, and that's exactly what we're monitoring here. we get the latest manufacturings, the latest editorial information, the latest video. we heard a while ago that the french foreign minister is on his way to israel. he w
, we bring in nick from the "new york times." politico is reporting today boehner and the president had a curt phone call. that's curt with a "c." should we be reading something into that? >> you almost can't tell what's happening by looking at the president and jay carney and speaker boehner are saying. you have to look further out and see where the ripples are. really when boehner's talking and when the president is talking, they are talking to their members in congress. so it's members you have to look at. obviously, there are teams of economists and policy experts behind the scenes that are crafting all kinds of compromises. it really comes down to the members, i think. >> let's talk about one of those members, representative tom cole, republican from oklahoma came out and said he thinks republicans should go ahead and pass what the president has proposed, basically extend the tax cuts for the middle class up to $250,000. then deal with that other piece. speaker boehner came out and sort of chastised him. but tom cole went on to continue to go on about 18 different shows and reitera
to speak on behalf of julia, nick and andrew. nick is my coworker. i think it is very important as he said that the client advocate position be on the committee. we go to the shelters all the time. if the unique perspective. julia is very dedicated, hard-working. that seat historically has been difficult to fill because of childcare issues; she has that covered, she assured me of that. she would be great. she speaks spanish. andrew as well. he is a very personable gentleman; he works well with people. he is very dedicated and does a lot of volunteer at the coalition. all of the three candidates would be great. i am disappointed that caroline caselli could not make it today. i think very highly of her. also i did see ms. dennis here. i don't know what happened. i know him peripherally. i have good feelings about him. as well as amanda wright, i worked with her for about a year and a half at hamilton family center. thank you very much for your time. >> supervisor kim: mr. daily, thank you so much for being here today. next speaker. >> good commissioners, like a rolling stone. and the
traffic pattern, by computer hackers. >> you see all of it including the ones flying around. >> nick foster, created the demonstration of what a computer hacker look himself could do to disrupt air traffic at may jr. airports around the country. >> we can prove without actually inject things into the air traffic control system t it is pis -- traffic control system. >> the new system called next gen is to become fully operational by 2020. a complex system, of air traffic control that will use satellite based technology similar to the gps you use in your car. rather than the current ground based radar tracking system. the more efficiently and safely control traffic in the air, through out the united states. next gen is already being used on a trial base ills here is hey area. and the faa chairman sold off the technology. >> there are things we are doing that are improving the use of the airspace. that will result in -- a lot of benefit. right away. >> what we are going to be able to do is make remarkable changes in the airspace here that will benefit the nation. >> of while the benefit
night out. nick. . [ no audio ] >> reporter: hallown at georgetown for most people. >> justin bieber. >> reporter: is adult's version of all hallow's eve. >> i originally wasn't planning oncoming out because i thought it was going to be miserable. >> reporter: halloween hasn't gone to the adults, though. it's still a kids night. they arranged a parade, trick-or-treating and a contest for humans and canines. and everybody business has been so wonderful. they're really excited to be part of the community. >> we actually take them to the grocery store down the street and the women there get to call him the doughboy because he is so fat. >> reporter: in lesli heights, arts. >> it takes about an hour per pumpkin. >> reporter: she has been carving for almost 10 years. she gets a request for her jack-o-lanterns every year but refuses to make a business of it. >> this is for me a hobby. . >> very artistic and i think it would take a lot of time. >> reporter: and what is even better than beyond brilliant. the fact that we can do any of this at all. >> this girl wouldn't let me go out in the h
san francisco police get drunk drivers off the road. nick smith reports. >> reporter: that's what the san francisco police department wants to hear. >> we drink one or two glasses of wine, moderate. >> reporter: police increasing dui patrol to educate public about the risk of driving under the influence and taking vie ray fors off the street. >> isx÷[z came -- i came with my kids i'm not going to ding. >> reporter: the game between the 49ers and bears brought out thousands of fans and the empty bottles left behind suggest drinking is part of the pregame ritual. sfpd wouldn't say how many officers were working but a plan was put in motion by a six figure grant. getting a d ui is expensive. spokesperson told me that a first time offense -- can be as much as 15,000 dollars. nick smith, abc7 news. >>> executives with hostess will sit down with union leaders today in a last attempt to end a strike. hostess asked a bankruptcy judge yesterday to approve its plan to sell off assets that was put on hold when the judge said both sides need to try mediation to work out a deal first. workers
in fremont. nick smith has more. >> reporter: do you know this woman? fremont police are asking the public to help them identify the thief who stole a package from this pore in broad daylight. trevor is -- prefer homeowner caught it on time. >> i could tell she had a lot of practice, very good at looking nonchalant walking up on the porch and taking it. >> reporter: when the ups driver delivered the package an alert was sent to his smartphone. >> it showed somebody coming up on the porch and making off with it. >> reporter: she also made off with the bag of groceries collected as part of a holiday food donation. all movement around trevor's door activates this camera police say they are looking for high end gifts. they say retrieve packages as soon as they arrive or ask the company to hold it until you are home. they suggest marking packages, signature required and use a company that provides a tracking says. that's what trevor did, amazon sent him a replacement a pair of men's boot, size 11. police tell me there have about no arrests made but they've posted that video on youtube, so far m
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